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Pre-construction phase, risk assessment, project management, and controls


​Defining the project delivery model is critical to the success of any project. Each project has its own unique requirements and funding sources. We shall perform our due diligence to review the respective delivery methods for each project and recommend a delivery system that correctly fits and benefits the stakeholder, assuring the delivery of a successful project. In order to do so, we will:


  • Develop & Integrate the Means & Methodology for Delivery of the Project

  • Develop the Control Requirements for the Project

    • Risk Management & Insurance Systems

      • Evaluate, Allocate, Mitigate & Transfer Risks

      • Support Participation of the Project’s Stakeholders

  • Spearhead Project Financing, Lender Relations & Compliance Reporting

  • Develop Construction Documents

    • Integration of the Project’s Stakeholder

  • Develop & Implement the Project’s:

    • Risk Management Systems

    • Competitive Bid Analysis & Bid Disputes

    • Schedule

      • Baseline Schedule Review & Development

      • Resource & Costs Integration

      • Custom Reporting

      • Schedule-Driven Billings

* Please note that J. Noel, Inc. does not provide legal services, nor does its president Joseph N. Isabella, Attorney do so under the veil of J. Noel, Inc. in accordance with the terms of its engagement with the client.  J. Noel, Inc. will assist and cooperate with your legal counsel as requested. If any legal services are requested by the client in writing, and conditioned upon receipt of the client’s written authorization, Joseph N. Isabella, Attorney shall prepare a letter of engagement and proceed upon receipt of the client's written authorization in said capacity.

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