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The feedback we have received from our clients and associates accurately reflects their level of satisfaction with our services. Here is a small sampling of what they have to say about J. Noel, Inc. and our president, Joe Isabella:



Chief Financial Officer, Marous Brothers Construction, Inc.

"In the two years we have utilized J. Noel, Inc.'s services, Joe has proven himself to be a tremendous asset for our company. His practical, no-nonsense approach and in-depth construction and construction law knowledge allow Joe to quickly assess, manage, and bring closure to a whole host of construction-related issues.


"Whether it is for contract negotiation, simple or complex claim management, or more complex mediation or arbitration services, Joe brings the highest levels of service and experience to the table. In a business such as construction, which is generally not known for passing out accolades, Joe has certainly earned our highest regards and respect."



General Manager, Site and Concrete Divisions, Marous Brothers Construction

"Joe is very knowledgeable about the construction industry. His methodical approach combined with an eye on the big picture has kept us on track. He works well with all the members of our team by relating to contractors from his field experience. Joe is also willing to work with his clients by offering quality construction counseling without the fees of big firms. It is a pleasure working with Joe, and I look forward to a good ongoing personal and professional relationship."



President, Nyman Construction Co.

"Joe has helped protect and advise our company on several levels -- from basic to complex project management decisions -- all the while maintaining a quality of professionalism with no-nonsense facts and not beating around the bush for the results."



President, Stanley Miller Construction Co.

"I have found Joe to be quite competent and knowledgable as my representative while resolving several construction claims. He performs his work with honesty and integrity while vigorously supporting our position."



Project Manager, Stanley Miller Construction Co.

"J. Noel, Inc. has been an asset to us in recent negotiations with project engineers and project owners. Joe's experience, knowledge, and attention to detail are very helpful."          



Senior Project Manager, Valentine Contractors, Inc.

"J. Noel, Inc. represents construction knowledge that cuts through the red tape paper trails of our industry. With Joe on our team, feasible resolutions to problems occur rapidly for specification analysis, practical mediation, scheduling annoyances, and, ultimately, time-saving methods to complete contractual obligations and final payment of construction work."



President, Hotaling & Associates

"With in-depth skills as a representative, adviser, and risk manager, Joe is extremely well-versed in the scope and comprehension of construction contracts governing same, as well as the client's scheduling timeline that inevitably becomes an integral part of his negotiations, be it on a proactive basis or subsequent to dispute or arbitration. Joe's years of valid construction field experience and entrepreneurial status place him in a distinctive capacity to not only service his clients but educate them as well."

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